Kindergarten - Tree House Gang


Must be 5 years of age by Sept 15th of the enrolling year
 (We follow the North Penn School District cut-off guidelines.)


Curriculum Overview:   

* During the day, your child will be afforded many social and academic opportunities.  Each day will consist of "morning get together" time, music and art activities, science activities, and many reading and math readiness experiences.  Each child will also have a certain amount of time each day that he/she may participate in activities of his/her own choosing.  During this school year we will be using the Rigby Literacy Program for reading readiness and the hands-on series "Math Their Way" in conjunction with the Hands-On Standards curriculum guide for math readiness.  These curricula should prove very beneficial as we make the preparations that are necessary for first grade.  Our Science and Social Studies units will focus on nature and the community around us.  Our Bible lessons are taken from the “Hands-On Bible Curriculum,” focusing on who Jesus is, why He died on the cross, and how He wants us to live (character development and empathy for others).  Each day, we strive to make God's Word part of our lives as we learn more about ourselves and the world God has created.  

* In addition to the activities listed above, our daily routine includes snack times, outdoor playtime, lunch and a nap.


Schedule or Routine:

6:30 AM      Free Play in Bonny Bear Class 
7:30 Outside/Free Play  
8:00      Free Play in Kindergarten Room 
8:45 Clean Up and Bathroom 
9:00 Morning Get Together 
9:30 Snack 
9:45 “What’s In The Bag?” & Books 
10:00 Language Arts / Social
      (Tuesday -- Gym to 10:30)
      (Every Other Wednesday -- Chapel/Music from 10:00-10:30)  
11:00  Math/Science 
11:30 Bathroom and Free Play Outside 
12:00 PM Lunch 
12:30 Journal 
1:00 Chapter Book 
1:30 Light’s out for nap 
2:45 Wake Up
       Put Beds Away, Pack Backpacks, Snack, Bathroom  
3:30  Play Outside (Weather Permitting) or in a classroom 


Additional Information: 

*   The children in this classroom are beginning the journey of formal education, excited with each small step toward independent reading, ready to ask tough and insightful questions about God, the Bible, and their world, learning to empathize with others, people both in their community and around the world, becoming critical thinkers, observant of nature and its patterns and changes, generous with themselves.