Q:  Are you open all year?
    A:   Yes, we are open year-round.  However, the school closes for major holidays:
                      New Year's Day                Labor Day 
                     Good Friday                      Thanksgiving Day
                     Memorial Day                   Thanskgiving Friday
                     Independence Day          Christmas Day 
          On President's Day, the Thursday and Friday before school begins, and the days between Christmas and New Years  we are             also closed. 

Q:  Do you have “before and after “care?
 A:   We do not currently provide “before and after” care.  

Q:  What is your school closing procedure/policy for snow?
 A:   We will make every effort to remain open on snowy days and other like emergencies.  However, if the weather is extremely bad, Rainbow Express may have delayed openings, early dismissal, or full-day closings to ensure the safety of the children and teachers.  Our school closings are announced on  TV channels 6 and 10. The director will email parents, Also, the school’s answering machine will contain a message for any delayed openings or full-day closings.  Should the school be required to close early, we contact our parents as early as possible to announce a closing time.    

Q:  Would you please explain Fees, Tuition, and Payment schedule?
 A:   Please contact the school for more information. 

Q:  Do you offer half-day or part-time daycare?
 A:   Our base rate for tuition is an eight-hour day, five days per week.  We do not offer half-day or part-time rates.  However, parents are welcome to pick up their children before their contracted times or to use less than five days of care.

Q:  Do you accept government assistance?
 A:   Yes, we are a participating childcare provider with Childcare Information Services (ELRC) of Montgomery County.  

Q:  Do you have a multi-child discount?
 A:  Yes, there is a discount of $5.00 per week for a family's second child enrolled and $10.00 per week for the third child enrolled in our daycare programs.

Q:  Can I visit my child during the day?
 A:   Yes!  We have an open door policy.  Special events throughout the year create opportunities for parents to join their children for story time, special lunches, children's concerts, and occasional field trips.

Q:  What type of security and emergency procedures do you have?
 A:   Rainbow Express has a key fob system installed in the front of the building and security cameras are along the permieter of it. Both our toddler and preschool playgrounds are fenced.  All families provide the school with a list of persons to whom their child may be released.  Children are only permitted to leave with persons on this list or those individuals who have been previously approved by a parent.  Staff members will ask for a driver's license ID of any person who is not known to them.  Additionally, parents must contact the school in writing or by phone if any individual other than the “regular” pick-up person or parent will be coming to pick up their child.
        Rainbow Express has established an Emergency Preparedness Plan in accordance with regulations from the PA Department of Public Welfare.  This plan has been submitted to state and local authorities and is reviewed yearly.  A copy of the plan is available in the school office for enrolled families and local authorities.  Also, we have monthly fire drills that include all age groups enrolled.  Our infant room is provided with emergency evacuation cribs for our non-walking and newly walking little ones.