Infants - Little Lambs

Starting at 6 months


Curriculum Overview:   

*  The curriculum for this class is "lightly" structured to fit the needs of these explorative and curious youngsters.  Everything at this age is a learning experience.  We like to give the children time to explore, socialize, and above all, have good, supervised fun!  The "schedule" incorporates sensory activities, gym, music, stories, lessons from the "Toddler" Bible, exploring colors and counting, exercises for both fine and gross motor skills, art projects, neighborhood walks, and lots of "TLC".

*  An ample amount of “tummy time” is part of the day for our littlest ones, learning to stretch and reach for new objects, hear new sounds, and explore in a safe and loving environment.

*  As the children grow and develop, we add more sensory activities, art exploration, and gross motor activity to our schedule.

*  Our daily plans incorporate learning opportunities for spiritual development, language development, music/movement, creative arts/sensory experience, gross motor skills, and fine motor/self-help skills.  

*  We create a loving home-away-from-home for infants, so that parents can feel comfortable knowing that their child is in an encouraging environment while they are at work.


Schedule or Routine:

6:30-7:30 AM  Combined downstairs in Bonny Bear room 
7:30-9:00 Free play time & stories in the Little Lamb room 
9:00 Infants – bottles & naps, morning snack & diapers 
9:45  Large & fine motor skills, musical instruments, sensory play,
           coloring & painting, art projects, gym, etc.  
10:30 Morning walk 
11:15  Outside play (weather permitting)  
11:45  Inside, wash-up, story time, sing-a-long 
12:00 PM  Lunch 
12:45-3:00 Nap time, diapers changed as children wake up, free play in
            the classroom 
3:15  PM snack 
3:45 Outside play (weather permitting), or fine motor skills play 
            inside until parents pick up 

Our schedule is very flexible and adapts to meet the needs of the children on a daily basis. 


Additional Information:

*  This class is a very flexible class.  While we have plans for each day, we also recognize that babies have a need for teachers who will adapt to meet their needs when it is most appropriate for each child as an individual.

*  Children in this class are curious, exploring, sensory, amazed by their world, excited by music and sound, beginning learners, receptive to love and care, growing each day.