Young Toddlers - Darling Duckies

Starting at 18 months 


Curriculum Overview:   

*  Our Darling Duckies are learning by experiencing the world around them.  They explore their world and their classroom in a hands-on manner.  The curriculum focuses on Bible stories (example: Jonah and the Whale, the Good Samaritan, Jesus is Born), the changing seasons and holidays (example: falling leaves, snow and ice, Valentine's Day), and our neighborhood and families (example: farm, pets, community helpers).  Teaching of colors, counting, shapes, children's songs, etc., is incorporated into the play and activities of our weekly units.  Sensory experiences are provided so that children learn by processing their environment with their own senses.  


Schedule or Routine:

6:30-8:00 AM  Free play in Bunny Hutch room 
8:00-9:30 Outside play (weather-permitting) 
9:30  Diaper change, wash hands, morning snack 
10:00 Circle time:  (each week will be a new theme.  Ex:  Songs, finger play, colors, 
         Bible stories, etc.)  
10:15     Hub time: arts & crafts, games, gross & fine motor activities 
11:00 Approx.  Outside playtime until lunch 
11:30  Diaper change, wash hands 
11:45  Songs, books, or table activities while lunch is being served 
12:30 PM  Nap time 
3:00-3:30   Wake up, diaper change, snack 
3:30   Outside/Free play until parents pick up 

This schedule is subject to change according to the children’s needs.


Additional Information:

*  Because we are experiencing our environment in a hands-on way, this class is a messy class.  The children are exploring their independence each day, which means that they are feeding themselves, learning to take off their shoes, painting with their own brush, etc.   

*  Children in this class are inquisitive, humorous, silly, delighted with the world and their own discovery of it, learning by doing, beginning talkers, taking their first steps toward independence.