Pre-Kindergarten - Zoo Crew

Ages 4 and 5 


Curriculum Overview:   

*  The Zoo Crew curriculum is designed to help prepare children for entry into a Kindergarten program, while exploring both their community and God's big world.  There is an overall theme for each month that encourages the children to expand their horizons through exploration and questions  (example: Outer Space, Musical Christmas, Art and Artists).  Monthly, the class will also focus on 2-3 letters, their sounds, and related words; topics related to the seasons and holidays; and concepts in the pre-k skill set (example: sequencing, measuring, rhyming).  Every day, we will spend time reading a Bible story, singing Bible songs, praying, and/or doing an activity related to the Bible concept for the week.  Each child is also responsible for his/her job of the week in this classroom community.


Schedule or Routine:

6:30-8:45 AM Free/outdoor Play 
8:30 Bathroom Break 
8:45-9:00 Free Play 
9:00 Late Arrival Bathroom Break 
9:00 Circle Time – Calendar, Theme Content and Review, Reading, Etc. 
9:30 Bible 
9:45 Snack & Stories 
10:15 Hubs : theme-related learning activities  
11:15  Outside/free Play 
11:45 Bathroom & Beds 
12:00 PM  Lunch & Stories 
1:00 Bathroom Break 
1:00 Nap time 
3:00  Bathroom, Shoes, Snack, and Bags 
3:30  Free/outdoor Play 


Additional Information:

*  Children in this class are very proud of their accomplishments in academics, fine arts, sports, etc.  They “dig into” knowledge with many in-depth, complex, and thoughtful questions.  They are decidedly independent, often self-assured, more aware of their own likes and dislikes, ready to express their opinions, adept at using their imaginations for dramatic play with large groups, able to design their own games with rules.

*  Children in this classroom LOVE to learn!