Toddlers - Bunny Hutch

Starting at 24 months 


Curriculum Overview:   

*  The Bunny  Hutch is a hands-on classroom!  The curriculum focuses on Bible stories (example: Jesus loves the children, baby Moses, Jesus died for us); colors, shapes, and counting; the changing seasons and holidays (example: turkeys, St. Patrick's Day, rain and puddles), our neighborhood (example: fire trucks, library and books, who is in our neighborhood); me and my family (my favorite things, who is in my family, my pets).  The introduction of letters and numbers is incorporated into our playtime and activities.    Sensory experiences are provided so that children learn by processing their environment with their own senses.  


Schedule or Routine:

6:30 AM  Free Play in Bunny Hutch 
8:00  Outside play (weather-permitting)     
9:30  Bathroom and hand washing 
10:00 Snack  
10:15  Circle Time  (Bible and theme-related stories and songs) 
10:30   Hubs (arts and crafts, games, fine and gross motor activities) 
11:00 Outside play (weather-permitting)  
11:30 Bathroom, hand washing, and story time 
12:00 PM Lunch 
12:30     Nap time 
3:00  Wake up! (Put bed things away/shoes on) 
3:20  Bathroom and hand washing 
3:45  Snack 
4:00 Outside/Free play until parents pick up 

           Click here to see further explanations of things we do! 


Additional Information:

*  Two year olds are more verbal, more active, more demanding, more independent and, of course, more lovable.

*  The children in this class want to know about everything.  Their favorite words are “no” and “why.”  They are beginning to play in an imaginative way both alone and with others.