Whats in the Bag?

 This year, instead of a letter a day or one “Show and Tell” day, we will have “What’s In The Bag?” on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  
This is how it works:  
1. Your child will bring home a gift bag with a letter in/on it.  
2. Help your child find one item beginning with that letter to put in the bag.  
3. Help your child think of 3 clues to tell the children about that item.  
4. Write the clues down (in case your child forgets) and put them in the bag also.  
5. Return the bag with the item, the clues and the letter card in it on the following day.  
6. After morning snack on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will have several students play “What’s In The Bag?” with the rest of us.  
7. IMPORTANT!  The bag will be sent home with someone else that day, so be sure to return it regardless of whether or not you had a chance to place an item in it.  
Since it may take more than a week to complete a letterbook, your child may have a chance to bring a second item for that letter the following week.  
Also, our letterbooks will not be done in alphabetical order (arranged according to letter formation and sounds.)  Therefore, be sure to check for the lettercard in/on the bag.  
   Thanks for your involvement with our program!  
             Ms. Barb